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Student Learning

We are proud of our innovative curriculum that sparks student enthusiasm and energy.

Our students learn in different ways and have a range of interests. Our subject choices and variety of themes cater to those differences and challenge students with a range of learning styles to ensure that they are motivated to succeed.

The senior school provides the flexibility for students to be able to find their own pathway through education to a career. They are able to construct programs that make all Higher Education options achievable, including University, VET/Certificate accreditation in Hospitality or Manufacturing and Engineering through St Patrick's Technical College.

The personal development of every student is important and various support mechanisms are in place to assist students overcome difficulties they might experience. A team of staff members, including House Directors, Counsellors, Careers and Transition Coordinator and Special Education teacher are committed to enhancing the learning and caring for the overall well-being of students.

Beautifully designed and maintained school grounds and well-equipped facilities, make Xavier College a contemporary learning environment, with information and communication technologies incorporated across all aspects of the curriculum.

How are we different to other Secondary Schools?

  • We have an educational charism that is built on building strong relationships with our students in order for them to achieve their best.
  • We hold a series of SPOT (Student Parent Oratory Teacher) Interviews throughout the year that ensure we are working together with students and their families to achieve academic success whilst caring for their overall wellbeing.
  • Our Academic Year begins in Week Six of Term 4 to enable students and staff to be well prepared for the new school year ahead and to ensure a full year of teaching for Year 12 students.
  • Our curriculum is delivered through One Note allowing teachers to support students with content and assessments available through their electronic devices. This results in less stationery and physical textbooks and the ability for students to access their work at all times.
  • Continuous reporting of student progress across all areas of College life is available online at all times through our Learning Management System - SEQTA.
  • We support the local community sporting clubs in the area and encourage our students to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities.