Reception to Year 6

Our students are exposed to a wide range of curriculum offerings to prepare them for life beyond school.

The subjects we teach from Reception to Year 6 are developed in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Curriculum (ACARA) the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority.


Reception to Year 6

High quality teaching and learning is paramount across both campuses. We have been fortunate enough to secure exceptional teachers for Xavier College. These are people who are outstanding educators, but also understand the importance of community.

Literacy and Numeracy are key priorities at Xavier. Literacy and Numeracy will be purposeful, meaningful, relevant, and explicit, and also provide opportunities to develop a love of literacy.

We will utilise a range of pedagogies that facilitate explicit teaching, but also provide the opportunities for inquiry based learning pedagogies such as Project Based Learning.

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a process where students work on a project that engages them in solving a real world problem, or answering a question that has some complexity around it. These are authentic problems that enable students to develop deep content knowledge, as well as critical thinking skills, collaboration, creativity and strong communication skills.

ICT is embedded into the curriculum. Junior Primary students will utilise iPads, while older students will transition to laptops.

Specialist lessons will be taught at the Two Wells campus. The language taught will be Italian. This is a versatile language that enables access to other languages, is reflective of the history of the area, and the College’s Salesian heritage. SACE research also indicates this is one of the more popular and successful languages for students. Other specialist areas will be Numeracy, and some Technology and Arts. By providing extra tuition in Numeracy, we aim to make all students increase in confidence as they work towards skill development in becoming more numerate, which should be transferable to Maths lessons, and in becoming good problem solvers in real life situations.