IT requirements at Xavier

Reception to Year 6

ICT is embedded into the curriculum. Junior Primary students will utilise iPads, while older students will transition to laptops.

  • Reception to Year 2 students will have a shared iPad model
  • Year 3 to Year 4 students will have a shared laptop model with the ability where necessary to access iPads from other areas
  • Year 5 to Year 6 students will have 1:1 school-owned laptops

Year 7 to Year 12

Beginning in Year 7, students at Xavier College are required to have a device running Windows as part of their enrolment. Parents/caregivers are advised annually of the minimum requirements for the student’s laptop. The College provides a nominated device and supplier for parents/caregivers to purchase if they wish.

The College will provide nominated devices and supplier for families to purchase.  Alternatively, families are able to purchase their own device from a retail store, provided the minimal College requirements are met.

Please go to our Order Portal for Learning With Technology where you will be able to purchase the nominated device for your child.

When purchasing a device for your child, please be aware that basic IT support will be provided where applicable whilst your child is onsite at school.

If your child has any warranty related repairs to a nominated laptop device, we can assist with arranging for the work to be undertaken. However if families choose to purchase their child’s device from a retail store, they will need to deal with the retail store directly for any repairs.

The device required by your child must: 

  • Be running Microsoft Windows 10 or later (please note: Windows 10S is not suitable)
  • Have an all-day battery life (charging of batteries is not permitted at the College) 
  • Use a USB-C power adapter/charger
  • Be carried in a suitable case that provides protection for the device
  • Have a minimum 128GB of storage, and 8GM Memory (RAM)
  • Be protected with an anti-virus program or security suite
  • A minimum screen size of 11”