Religious Education

We are a faith-based College community and Religious Education (RE) is at the core of our curriculum.

Religious Education is compulsory for all students from Reception to Year 12.

Our students are encouraged to deepen their understanding of faith through the following activities;

Reception to Year 6

Religion lessons based around the Salesian Charism, The Gospels and Church Catholic traditions through the year. These will be based around CESA's Crossways Curriculum framework.

Year 7-9

Integrated with other subjects across the whole year

Year 10-11
A subject taken for one semester and including participation in a Faith Formation Day in Year 11.

Year 12
Participation in Seminar Days,culminating in a Retreat which is often described "as the best activity we have ever had whilst at school"

Our students have the opportunity to develop an understanding of their faith, not just through the classroom, but by being involved with spiritual development opportunities and charitable actions through Christian Citizenship.

Our College supports a number of Catholic community initiatives, including Project Compassion, St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal and Australian Salesian Missions.

We work in partnership with our families, the primary developers and nurturers of their children's faith.