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Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2020


As a vibrant and inclusive learning community in the Salesian Tradition we are delighted to be able to announce the 5th consecutive year of 100% SACE Completion at Xavier College. The Dux of Xavier College for 2020 was David Sutton who achieved an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) of 98.95. David was also one of 26 students across the State who is the recipient of the South Australian Governor’s Award for Excellence. David proudly joins three other Xavier students who have been the recipients of this prestigious award over the last 7 years.

A total of 6 students achieved a total of 7 merits and a total of 23 students achieved an A+. The College is also exceptionally proud of the fact that 83.2% of the Year 12 cohort achieved a B grade or higher compared to the SACE State average of 72.87%.

Other top scorers included:
• David Sutton - 98.95 ATAR
• Isaac Condon - 96.55 ATAR
• Ruth Slattery - Merit Integrated Learning - 96.5 ATAR
• Ethan White - Merit Creative Arts and Integrated Learning - 96.3 ATAR
• Shannon Vickers-Jecs - Merit Food and Hospitality - 95.5 ATAR
• Zack Halkias - 95.2 ATAR
• Millie Curry - 95.15 ATAR
• Amy Roberts - 94.95 ATAR
• Summer Hill - Merit Research Project - 94.9 ATAR
• Max Fraser - 94.65 ATAR
• Laura Harris - 94.65 ATAR
• Amelia Holtze - Merit Research Project - 89.1 ATAR
• Isaac Pepe - Merit Scientific Studies - 86.55 ATAR

We congratulate the entire Year 12 cohort in 2020 on their achievements this year. They have demonstrated an amazing degree of resilience and diligence in what has been a year full of significant challenge. We also commend our amazing teaching staff for their commitment to our students' learning.

Download our 2020 Year 12 SACE Results

From the Principal


As the third term comes to an end, I would like to thank all staff and students for their efforts over the term and wish everyone a safe and enjoyable break.

Year 12 Term 4
As we are aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted and continues to impact the way we carry out our daily lives. We have endeavoured, where possible to give our Year 12 students as many of the ‘normal’ experiences as possible within the confines of the State Government and CESA Health restrictions and guidelines around the pandemic.

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Two Wells News


As we head into the end of a very busy term, we are delighted to see the huge progress made on site.

The pace of work is frenetic, with over 10,000 hours worked on site in the last month; the average number of workers on site being nearly 60, and at its peak 73 workers in one day. It is amazing to see the changes being made each day, and seeing the dream become a reality. Images do not do the progress justice – the internals are also coming along at a cracking pace.

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New Student Video


We are excited to be welcoming all of our students to the 2019 school year at Xavier College and in particular our new students and families that are beginning their journey with the Xavier Community.

Check out our new video, produced by an old scholar and starring some of our own students, that has been designed to give a taste of what life will look like when students begin next week.

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