Two Wells Campus

New chapter at Two Wells

Our Two Wells Campus opened in Two Wells on Monday February 1 2021. The school is a campus of Xavier College and caters for students in Reception to Year 9. The campus will then progressively grow to cater for all year levels. In 2023 we will offer the senior years, Year 7 to 9 at the Two Wells campus and beyond there will be a pathway to 12 at the Gawler Belt Campus until enrolment numbers are sufficient to allow growth at the Two Wells Campus.

Construction on the site has now been completed and we believe will meet the needs of the growing population in Two Wells and the surrounding regions to the west of Gawler and reflects Catholic Education SA’s commitment to expand Catholic Education pathways and to build an even stronger focus on student learning and quality teaching in all regions.

The new campus will also allow us to expand our educational offering to cater for primary-aged students whilst continuing to provide secondary education to the growing community in Two Wells and the neighbouring townships.

Further information can be obtained by filling in our Enrolment Enquiry Form.

Take a look at our first day at the new Campus in the video below, as well as the start of the 2022 School Year: 


We are so excited to show you our new Campus

The Xavier College Two Wells campus is now completed! We are thrilled to have worked closely with Edge Architect’s and Mossop Construction and Interiors to create a state-of-the art educational facility.

Xavier College is excited at the possibility that the Two Wells Campus presents to expand the Catholic offering in the north, and looks forward to continuing our association with members of the Two Wells community and forming strong relationships with our new families and the wider community. We are committed to building a College campus we can all be extremely proud of, and one that becomes an important and integral part of the life and fabric of Two Wells.

One College, Three Campuses

At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to high quality education in the Salesian tradition which has a focus on academic success, and wellbeing. We are one College with three campuses, which means that an enrolment at the Two Wells campus provides a pathway in Catholic education from Reception to Year 12 on either Two Wells or the Gawler Belt campus.

The Salesian charism of the College will be as prominent at the Two Wells campus as it is at Gawler Belt. Our core values of RUAH – Respect, Understanding, Affection and Humour will be the backbone of all that we do, and all that we are. Our interactions with each other will be based on RUAH; restorative conversations will be utilized in a range of circumstances.

Our House structure is very important to the College and will be maintained across both sites. Our Houses are named after key people in our Salesian history and provide direction, ethos and a path for stewardship. When a child is enrolled at Xavier College, they will be placed in a House and remain in that House for the duration of their time at Xavier College.

Teaching and Learning

High quality teaching and learning is paramount across both campuses. We have been fortunate enough to secure exceptional teachers for Xavier College. These are people who are outstanding educators, but also understand the importance of community.

Literacy and Numeracy are key priorities at Xavier. Literacy and Numeracy will be purposeful, meaningful, relevant, and explicit, and also provide opportunities to develop a love of literacy.

We will utilise a range of pedagogies that facilitate explicit teaching, but also provide the opportunities for inquiry based learning pedagogies such as Project Based Learning.

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a process where students work on a project that engages them in solving a real world problem, or answering a question that has some complexity around it. These are authentic problems that enable students to develop deep content knowledge, as well as critical thinking skills, collaboration, creativity and strong communication skills.

ICT is embedded into the curriculum. Junior Primary students will utilise iPads, while older students will transition to laptops.

Specialist lessons will be taught at the Two Wells campus. The language taught will be Italian. This is a versatile language that enables access to other languages, is reflective of the history of the area, and the College’s Salesian heritage. SACE research also indicates this is one of the more popular and successful languages for students. Other specialist areas will be Numeracy, and some Technology and Arts. By providing extra tuition in Numeracy, we aim to make all students increase in confidence as they work towards skill development in becoming more numerate, which should be transferable to Maths lessons, and in becoming good problem solvers in real life situations.

During 2019 the Gawler belt Campus celebrated it's 25th Anniversary and we are proud of what has been established during this period. The College has great facilities and the property is stunningly beautiful. We are able to provide teaching and learning programs that are highly credible, even internationally award winning (Future Ready Students Award Winner), with 100% SACE completion, a critical benchmark. We also believe our Pastoral Care structures and practices are ‘par excellence’ and we have developed an authentic commitment to our calling as a Catholic school in the Salesian tradition. We believe we have established very strong foundations and we look forward to continuing and expanding this to our Two Wells campus.

Our Facilities

Classrooms are light and airy, and each has their own wet area. We have been strategic with keeping connectedness between classrooms so that they are able to be opened up for group work and fluidity, but also have the ability to close them and remain as single rooms when needed. This serves multiple approaches, but also assists those students who deal with over stimulation, sensory issues, processing and hearing issues.

All classrooms are also connected to a central space in the middle of the school. This will be an area where students are able to work in small groups in specially designed zones. There is also a facility with a Green Screen/ media area; a purpose built Sensory Room, and easy access to ESO support, books and resources. Flexible furnishings will make this space vibrant and welcoming.

A large Hub is available for gatherings and will serve a dual purpose by offering a space for shelter during inclement weather. We look forward to using this space for celebrating Liturgy, holding assemblies, hosting guest speakers and performers, and utilizing the kitchenette space while holding gatherings for families.

In addition to these facilities, the new campus boasts a Maker Space. This area is large and vibrant with durable flooring and a fully operable wall which allows it to easily become double in size; one part houses kitchen and cooking amenities, and the other is for Technology, Science and Art. The Maker Space will also double as an OSHC service for before and after school, and is conveniently close to the car park for families. Internal bathrooms are close to this space.

The external areas have been designed to create vibrancy with provisions for active play, and nature play. Students will have hard court access, lawn and play equipment. There will also be the opportunity to garden in small plots and ride a bike around the bike track.

Each classroom at the Two Wells campus will have an interactive technology. Some of the benefits of having this tool in the classroom is increased engagement; interconnectivity with mobile devices; enhanced collaboration; and effective annotation of documents.

Community is important to us at Xavier College; the Primary campus will enable us to make even more connections with families. Volunteers will be welcome in a variety of ways at the Two Wells campus. Families will be welcome at the Two Wells campus for different events including Sports Day, Book Week, assembly, liturgy, and special events.


The new Campus is located in the 400ha Liberty development is in the north-western corner of Two Wells, 24km west of Gawler.

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Mission, Vision and Values

The Mission, Vision and Core Values of Xavier College will inspire both campuses and the Catholic education in the Salesian Tradition will continue to be the hallmark of a school community where quality relationships are central to teaching and learning and pastoral care.

In order to ensure that the new campus is an authentic part of the College, it is critical the leadership across the campuses maintains the integrity of the Xavier ethos and culture. To this end there will be adjustments to the structure of College leadership. There will be a Principal of Xavier College and a Campus Head for both the Gawler Belt and Two Wells Campus'. The collaborative leadership that currently exists will be maintained to ensure the collective wisdom of the College Leadership Team continues to steer Xavier College into the future.

Enrolment Demand

The College has received a high number of enrolment enquiries for the new Two Wells campus and we are interviewing now. Places are filling fast for our 2024 and 2025 intakes.