Catholic Education South Australia


We are a College that believes in providing a high-value education in an equitable manner for all of our families.

Xavier College, like all schools, receives both State and Federal Government funding. However this does not meet the total cost of educating students and we rely heavily on tuition fees to supplement the cost of providing a high-quality Catholic education to all students.

College fees are as per the schedule below and are inclusive of Base Tuition, Resource Fees, Excursion/Incursion and ICT Levies.

If you have any questions regarding fees, please contact the College Account Manager on 8521 4528.

College Fees for 2022


Total  Fees

Reception-Year 6


Year 7-9




Year 10


Year 11 - 12



Base Tuition fees for discount calculations: R-6 $2400 7-12 $4300

Camp Levy

This fee is applicable to each student and covers costs relating to camps and retreats.

Camps are held for students in years 5, 6, 7, 8 (Two Wells only), 9 and 12 and are compulsory for all students in these year levels as they form part or the College Curriculum.

This levy will be $300 for 2022 and will be invoiced separately.

Family Discounts

Family discounts apply if you have multiple children attending Xavier College across both campuses:

  • 1 child              No discount
  • 2 children         10% discount per child on the Nett Tuition component only
  • 3 children         20% discount per child on the Nett Tuition component only
  • 4 + children      30% discount per child on the Nett Tuition component only

Low Income Fees

A Low Income rate (formerly known as School Card Rate) is available to families who apply and are deemed eligible under the School Card Scheme which is conducted by the Department of Education and provides financial assistance towards the cost of educational expenses for full-time school students of low income families. A 60% reduction in nett tuition fees is available to eligible School card recipients. Further information can be found on their website.

Payment Plans

To set up a payment plan, please complete the Direct Debit Request Form and return it the to the College.

Sibling at Catholic Primary School Discount

Families who have a younger sibling at a Catholic Primary School will be entitled to a rebate on fees of $60 (Junior School) or $120 (Middle/Senior School), whichever is greater. This rebate is available upon application. To request a form, please contact the College Accounts Manager.

Upfront Discount

The upfront discount (5% for 2022) will apply to the Nett Tuition fee component only (after all other discounts are applied), and will be reviewed annually.

To receive this discount, full payment of the account, including both tuition fees and levies, needs to be made by the end of Week 5, Term 1. It is not applicable to any prior year carry forward amounts.