Gawler Belt Campus

Situated on a beautiful 17 hectare (42 acre) property, we are a College that provides high-quality teaching and specialist learning facilities for its students. These include:

  • Art, Multi-media and design rooms
  • Chapel
  • Expansive landscaping including a contemporary Plaza and Indigenous Garden
  • Food Technology Centre including industrial kitchen
  • Information and Communication Technology facilities, including internet, email and wifi network
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology and general Science laboratories
  • Science Learning Centre incorporating sustainability elements and agriculture
  • Specialist Music Centre
  • Sporting facilities including a double court gymnasium, football oval, soccer pitch, five external tennis, netball and basketball courts, and Pedal Prix Track
  • Student Hub incorporating all student services, including Inclusive Education, counselling, Indigenous Education, ICT services, library services and Vocational Education.
  • Colonel George Gawler Auditorium with seating for 300+
  • Trade Training Centre for Metals Engineering and Technology centre for woodwork

Two Wells Campus

Classrooms are light and airy, and each has their own wet area. We have been strategic with keeping connectedness between classrooms so that they are able to be opened up for group work and fluidity, but also have the ability to close them and remain as single rooms when needed. This serves multiple approaches, but also assists those students who deal with over stimulation, sensory issues, processing and hearing issues.

All classrooms are also connected to a central space in the middle of the school. This will be an area where students are able to work in small groups in specially designed zones. There is also a facility with a Green Screen/ media area; a purpose built Sensory Room, and easy access to ESO support, books and resources. Flexible furnishings will make this space vibrant and welcoming.

A large Hub is available for gatherings and will serve a dual purpose by offering a space for shelter during inclement weather. We look forward to using this space for celebrating Liturgy, holding assemblies, hosting guest speakers and performers, and utilizing the kitchenette space while holding gatherings for families. In addition to these facilities, the new campus boasts a Maker Space. This area is large and vibrant with durable flooring and a fully operable wall which allows it to easily become double in size; one part houses kitchen and cooking amenities, and the other is for Technology, Science and Art. The Maker Space will also double as an OSHC service for before and after school, and is conveniently close to the car park for families. Internal bathrooms are close to this space.

The external areas have been designed to create vibrancy with provisions for active play, and nature play. Students will have hard court access, lawn and play equipment. There will also be the opportunity to garden in small plots and ride a bike around the bike track.

Each classroom at the Two Wells campus will have an interactive technology. Some of the benefits of having this tool in the classroom is increased engagement; interconnectivity with mobile devices; enhanced collaboration; and effective annotation of documents.

Evanston Campus

Our Evanston Campus opened in 2023.

Facilities include:

  • Samaritan Gymnasium and MacKillop Arts Theatre
  • Newly built POD classrooms
  • Oval
  • Library including ICT services and student support services
  • Environmental Centre
  • Chapel
  • Nature play spaces
  • Village Green bordered by fruit trees
  • OSHC facilities