Catholic Education South Australia

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision

Xavier College will provide an authentic learning environment so that all members of the College community will be transformed by their experiences into fuller, richer, deeper human beings. They will be inspired to achieve their personal best and to accept responsibility to make a difference in the world

Our Values

We are a College whose values underpin everything we do.

As a way of creating a practical application of the College’s ideals and values, we use the Hebrew word RUAH, which means ‘Spirit of God’, as an acronym to express the core values of the College: Respect, Understanding, Affection and Humour.


Our school community is based on mutual respect. The way that we speak to one another and the way we treat one another with dignity and respect is extremely important. In a Salesian school this should be obvious for anyone to see.

To do this effectively we should:

  • Avoid being sarcastic
  • Never hurt others physically, verbally or emotionally
  • Never isolate others
  • Turn up on time for class
  • Complete work
  • Not use offensive or inappropriate language


We need to recognise and celebrate each other’s different abilities, talents and skills. We need to try to understand ourselves and others better, particularly if things are difficult.

To do this effectively we should:

  • Be interested in what others are doing
  • Celebrate other people’s success
  • Support school initiatives and events
  • Celebrate diversity


This means that we show kindness to others both in our school and in the wider community. It means that we establish and grow strong friendships to create an environment where everyone feels safe and happy.

To do this effectively we should:

  • Forgive others when they have hurt us
  • Be genuine
  • Avoid being angry
  • Care for others
  • Be generous with our time and fundraising for others in the world


Humour means we keep things in perspective all the time. We remember to enjoy school and all that it offers.

To do this effectively we should:

  • Stay cheerful
  • Avoid taking out our bad moods on others
  • Be creative
  • Join in all activities
  • Spend time getting to know other students
  • Keep the College grounds safe for others
  • Celebrate success
  • SMILE!!