Catholic Education South Australia

Our Salesian Tradition

At the heart of the Salesian approach is a gentle strength that respects the dignity of each person, an approach pioneered by
St Francis de Sales from whom the Salesians take their name. Don Bosco (founder of the Salesian Order) took that Salesian spirituality and used it to develop a healthy way of working with the young.



"Young people not only need to be loved
They need to feel that they are loved."
Don Bosco

For Don Bosco, helping young people to grow was about providing experiences that engaged the heart. When a young person experiences loving kindness, hearts are opened, confidence grows, faults are corrected and gifts blossom.

This holistic, heart-centred approach is based on a reasonable, respectful and reverent way of working with the young.

Should you wish to find out more about our Salesian ethos please download the Salesian Charter.