Catholic Education South Australia

Volunteer @ Xavier

At Xavier College, we value the importance of our dedicated volunteers who generously give of their time to undertake many roles within the College.

Thank you for your willingness to become a volunteer at Xavier College.  Volunteers play an important role in the education of children and young people in partnership with the staff of Catholic schools.  Volunteering helps provide quality care and education to our children and young people and supports Catholic Schools to promote values drawn from the Catholic tradition of faith, in order to prepare students for more active participation in the world.  It is important that your involvement and participation is a rewarding and a mutually beneficial experience. 

To assist our volunteers with the process of preparing and completing the CESA screening and other requirements, we have simplified our procedure and included all necessary documentation, forms and links here.

Proof of Vaccination

Volunteers are required to provide evidence of full vaccination against COVID-19 or the provision of a medical exemption endorsed by the Chief Public Health Officer in accordance with South Australia Government Emergency Management (Education and Early Childhood Settings) Direction 2021.