Salesian Charter

In keeping with the spirit of Saint John Bosco, whereby ‘education is largely a matter of the heart’ that leads young people to “know that they are loved”, the Salesian school community of today is challenged to be:

  • A home that welcomes
  • A parish that evangelises
  • A school that prepares for life
  • A playground where friends meet and enjoy themselves

We accept that challenge at Xavier College. We are known as a community that lives up to the high standards of Salesian traditions.

Our College is a home that welcomes by

  • Being committed to the care and support of all young people, especially the poor and marginalised
  • Cultivating relationships based on genuine affection, openness and acceptance of others
  • Fostering a spirit of joy and hope, based on the ‘Good News’ of Jesus Christ
  • Encouraging an attitude of optimism and a conviction that life is fundamentally worthwhile

Our College is a part of a parish that evangelises by

  • Having a strong and vibrant programme of religious education, liturgical celebration and sacramental encounter
  • Addressing the spiritual yearnings of young people and adults
  • Giving priority to the faith development and formation of staff
  • Providing students with significant experiences of faith in action and apostolic involvement

Our College is a school that prepares for life by

  • Encouraging a passion for life-long learning and a quest for excellence
  • Developing a sense of meaning and purpose, which expresses itself in a spirit of service and self-giving
  • Proclaiming the challenge of community building, commitment to others and responsible decision-making
  • Cultivating resilience, resourcefulness and adaptability as important skills for life

Our College provides a playground where friends meet and enjoy themselves by

  • Being present to each other in an active, engaging and constructive manner, in fidelity to the Salesian Preventive System
  • Building positive and inclusive relationships between each other
  • Having a rich experience of interaction and sharing, especially between students and staff
  • Creating occasions for celebration and festivity

Faithful to the tradition of Saint John Bosco, the Salesian school community is constantly challenged to re-interpret and re-enliven his educational vision in every generation and circumstance, according to the requirements of the contemporary situation and the needs of young people, to whom he once said: “I have only one wish: that you be happy in this world and the next.