Pastoral Care


Our pastoral care system is at the core of who we are as a community.

It is more than simply a program – it is at the heart of our college life. And it is these reputation the caring that draws families to our community. We hear time and again that parents have chosen Xavier for their family because of it.

Based on the Salesian way of educating, our timetable is structured in such a way that a great deal of time and resources are allocated towards the development of strong professionally positive and loving relationships between educator and student.

The Oratory teacher is at the heart of what we achieve. The main link between family and school, during your child’s time at Xavier, a very open and hopefully trusting relationship is allowed to develop between oratory teacher, student and your family.

For many of our students the Oratory and their teacher are the most stable things in their lives.  For many it becomes a second home, an environment where they feel safe and cared for.