Oratory & House Structure

At the heart of our pastoral care system is the Oratory. The term ‘oratory’ comes directly from the Salesian tradition and the Oratory teacher is the first point of contact for parents. The ‘Preventive System’ of education developed by St. John Bosco is built upon good, positive relationships – unique relationships where an educator journeys with their students in order to be a guide and friend.

The students in the College are vertically grouped from Years 8 to 12, providing another level of friendship and support to develop.

Each Oratory teacher is allocated the same amount of time as they would for a subject line – they are expected to prepare themselves for Oratory as they would for any subject that they teach. The College places a great deal of importance on those who are given the opportunity to take on the role of Oratory teacher. A great deal of time is spent allocating staff to this role in order to get the most successful outcomes possible and to ensure that the College’s values are taught, displayed and lived for the students.

House structure

Our College is structured on a House-based system. Each student and member of staff is a member of one of these Houses, which is led by a House Director and a Director of Teaching and Learning supported by Oratory teachers.

There are four Houses: Handley, Mazzarello, Occhiena and de Sales.