Careers Counselling

Students can undertake personal counselling using specific counselling instruments and or online vocational interest questionnaires.

Career and training opportunities are promoted extensively through the electronic notices system and newsletter. 

The school has good working relationships with Group Training Organisations who advise the school of job and training opportunities in the Traineeship and Apprenticeship fields. 

What is the Personal Learning Plan?

The Personal Learning Plan (PLP) is a subject studied by all Year 10 students designed to assist them to make good decisions about the completion of their senior studies and transition to the next part of their lives.

As a part of that program all Year 10 students are given the opportunity to attend the Careers Expo. At the Expo they explore their career options and talk to people working or studying in those areas. Other such events that students can opt to attend include the Northern Enterprise day and the Barossa TAFE expo.  Further to this we invite a number of guest speakers to the school ranging from tertiary institutions and recruitment companies. 

During their PLP studies each student has a round table conference with their parents and their PLP teacher to discuss their subject choices for the following year and how those choices are preparing them for their future. 

St Patrick's Technical College

Students at St Patrick's are able to build their entire Year 11 and 12 program around their chosen VET pathway. They have a large number of vocational pathways available and sometimes what they are able to offer in VET is more suited to a student's future goals.

Xavier has developed a close connection with St Patrick's Technical College to ensure that those Xavier students who seek that vocational pathway that we are unable to offer can still achieve that within a Catholic school.

* Our students are given priority access to enrolment interviews

* a special information night is held annually for our students and their families at St Patrick's. 

* Senior staff members from both schools are present to assist families in making the right choices for their children. 

TAFE and University pathways: Tertiary Institution presenters visit the school on a number of occasions throughout the year to inform students about course offerings and to answer any questions students have.

Year 12 students are assisted through the process of selecting and applying for further study by our Careers & Transition team and by their Research Project teacher who becomes their transition mentor in semester 2.

Many students undertake Vocational Certificate level courses either at school or with external providers which assists them to enter higher level courses upon completion of school.