Xavier Day celebrations

Xavier Day is a fun day where students and staff celebrate the identity of the College community and our collective achievements.

The day begins with a joyful celebration of the Eucharist held in the College gym.  Following the Eucharist there is a shared Staff and Student morning tea in House groups after which all students and all staff members - teaching and non-teaching - participate in a range of fun and creative activities of their choice for the remainder of the day.

There are many different types of activities on offer including:

  • Sports - football, soccer, netball, aerobics, table tennis
  • Crafts - leadlighting, beading, scrapbooking
  • Games - Wii sports, electronic gaming competitions, cards
  • Cooking - Asian foods, biscuit baking
  • Artistic - silk screen painting, face painting, singing

These activities and many others unite students and staff from across the entire school.

During the day there are also open-air music concerts which again bring students from all year levels together.  Students have the opportunity to perform in their own bands as a part of the 'Battle of the Bands' competition.