Our Salesian Tradition


The Salesian Way of Education

The Catholic philosophy of education is the basis for the principles guiding the administration of any school administered by the Salesians.

St John Bosco, the founder of the Salesians, used the ‘Preventive System’ of education in which the aim is to prevent young people from falling into harms way.  In Don Bosco's own words, his system "is based entirely on reason, religion and kindliness.” It presumes that the school is a community where people genuinely relate to each other rather than an institution where people communicate from either side of a common barrier.

By creating a friendly school environment, educators in the Salesian tradition offer their students the time, opportunity and guidance to know themselves better, to understand the purpose for their existence, to help them develop their God-given talents and to prepare them to take their rightful place within their families, the Church and society.